I found Marize Ibrahim a very devoted and dedicated physiotherapist and a very understanding and pleasant and very good person.

I found there were no difficulties hard enough for her not to try to solve them. In fact I think she looks at challenges rather than at problems and this may be why she manages so positively well her professional accomplishments.

I found that from the moment I was with her I would feel relieve and confident that somehow things would get better for me because she would take over with suggestions and great solutions.

Her diagnostic of my problem was accurate, she referred me to the right professionals to confirm her Diagnostic, the treatment and Physiotherapy exercises were appropriate and she was right all the way. Marize also follow through my performance and improvement with scores and points of comparisons and she made sure I would get the support I needed, all this with a joyful approach.
Marize has been great comfort to me and I am glad I met a person such as Marize at this time in my life because it was crucial for me now.

I believe in the return of good deeds and in her case she would definitely deserve the best because she is kind and never said anything bad about anyone and always did her best to be the best.

I would recommend Marize to any good intended person and preferably to unusually gratifying people because she deserves the best and so very much.

Thank you for having given me a chance to express my feeling about such an excellent professional and a great person. I am just a very happy person for having met such a professional in a time where the best is so rare.

- M.A.V.

After having undergone a bilateral mastectomy with the removal of fifteen lymph nodes, I was followed by an athletic therapist on a weekly basis. I was told he was the only one in Montreal that had a hands on approach to helping women heal from a such a difficult breast surgery. After two months, I did not see an improvement.

It was thanks to a Support Group meeting from Hope and Cope, one evening, that I had the pleasure of meeting Marize Ibrahim, Physiotherapist. A reserved, professional and serious individual full of energy and encouragement!

Over the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of appreciating what Marize has to offer her patients.

Marize is not only passionate about Physiotherapy, but in helping women having undergone surgery after a cancer diagnosis, regain their strength, flexibility and confidence. Marize is not only knowledgeable about Physiotherapy, but about the overall cancer journey and what the patients must undergo. A well rounded specialist who has familiarized herself with all other areas of the medical field allowing her to reach out to her colleague doctors in her quest to help her patient. She is human, genuine and takes the time to familiarize herself with her patient. She adapts to each case.

I have seen an enormous improvement thanks to Marize’s techniques, efforts and exercise instructions. I remain focused and persevere thanks to Marize. I would not have been able to come this far without her help.

Many thanks!

- S.T.

Suite à une double mastectomie avec reconstruction pour prévenir un cancer du sein (BRCA1), j’ai été référée en physiothérapie à Marize Ibrahim par le centre de prévention du cancer de l’hôpital.

Son travail sur ma cicatrice abdominale de 18 pouces ainsi que son programme d’exercices ont contribué à la guérison, réduit la douleur et augmenté mon confort en général. Elle a aussi été très charitable en m’introduisant au Centre L’espoir c’est la vie pour du support additionnel.

Madame Ibrahim est très généreuse et prend le temps d’écouter. Professionnelle et respectueuse, elle a toujours été optimiste et encourageante. Sa physiothérapie a fait une différence positive dans ma vie. Merci.

- S.M.

After a double mastectomy with reconstruction to prevent breast cancer (BRCA1), I was referred for physiotherapy to Marize Ibrahim. Her work on my 18 inch abdominal scar and exercises program accelerated the healing, reduced the pain and increased my overall comfort. She was also kind enough to get me into to the Hope and Cope Wellness Center where I received additional support.

Ms Ibrahim is very generous and takes the time to listen. Professional and respectful, she has always been optimistic and encouraging. Her physiotherapy has made a positive difference in my life. Thank you.

- Anonymous

Marize Ibrahim is my physical therapist, a key part of the medical team treating my pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. Marize has been excellent; skilled, professional, and compassionate. From the beginning I felt that she was taking an individualized approach to my care, realizing that as a very active / competitive / passionate amateur athlete, my needs and goals were somewhat different. She provided great direction to help through the low moments, kept me moving. She also stayed engaged when things were going well. Constant support through the rollercoaster that cancer treatment can be. Finally, Marize takes a holistic approach to treatment. Although the primary objective may have been physical therapy, she ensured that I was connected to other resources (e.g. nutrition, youth retreats) that helped my physical and mental state through treatment. Great professional!

- D.O.

My collaboration with Marize Ibrahim has been instrumental in regaining my physical health and recovering from surgery. I was quickly at ease with her and have come to trust her completely; her professionalism and desire to help are such that I knew immediately I was being treated by a sympathetic and knowledgeable physiotherapist. In addition, she makes herself available at her office, via email and by telephone. With her acquired skills and knowledge, she successfully modified my existing exercise program thus making it easier for me to put into practice. Marize takes her time answering my many questions and relays pertinent information with clarity and patience. Her quality of care, professional approach and expertise are without reproach. Her assistance has been invaluable to me and I would recommend Marize Ibrahim to any patient.

- H.M.

Following a cancer treatment and a bilateral mastectomy I was sent to private therapy by the oncology surgeon to help me regain my arm mobility with scar tissue massage. Unfortunately, I no longer had private insurance and was sent to follow therapy at a hospital. My appointments were so disappointing that I was feeling pain and no improvements in my arm movements. Instead of changing their method they sent me to another hospital. Wow, with just my first appointment with Marize I already felt that I could move my arm more with less pain. Marize is very professional, very informative and besides regaining my movement with my arm she helped me with my scars. Marize had me moving and exercising in such a short period of time that I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone. Marize should be allowed to inform and teach other physio therapists about helping cancer patients regain their mobility through myofascial release.

- M.G.

I cannot begin to express my complete satisfaction with Marize Ibrahim. She is always professional, positive, and punctual. She has a vast knowledge base in Physiotherapy and is an extremely skilled Therapist. Equally important, she is able to communicate to you your particular health situation and remedy options in a comprehensive manner. Ms. Ibrahim is a great asset to have on your medical team. I highly recommend her.

- G.P.

Marize was a saviour for me physically, mentally and emotionally.

I saw her during some very difficult times including hip replacement therapy, shoulder resurfacing, rehabbing from near fatal chemo-therapy toxicity, and an ankle injury. These all taking place within a two year period. Marize always has a positive attitude. Her skill, care, guidance, and knowledge helped me immeasurably. For instance, if it were not for her, I might never have known about chemo-brain. Chemo brain is a common term used by cancer survivors to describe thinking and memory problems that can occur after cancer treatment.

Due to her questions and given her knowledge working in the hospital system, she was not only able to help my physical issues, she brought to my attention a little-known but oh so common issue that arises post chemo treatment. As a result of her guidance, I was able to seek the help I needed to get my brain working again and most importantly have mind and body working well, and in tandem.

The issues I faced seemed enormous and complex yet Marize took my rehab quite literally one step at a time. Thanks to Marize’s excellent Physiotherapy, exercise (rehab) plans and emotional support, today I am in the gym 5-days a week.

- P.G.D.

I have had Marize as a physiotherapist for several sessions during which my specific needs were covered. Marize isolated the cause for my knee and neck pains and explained clearly what was happening. She used my doctor’s MRI’s and my feedback to design a training which was effective. I appreciated her attention to detail and the time she took to explain why the exercises performed were necessary. I understood the therapy and I felt her explanations played a big part in my discipline to perform specific exercises, leading to my eventual recovery.

Thank you Marize!

- A.E.