Brain Tumour

  • Different types of primary brain and central nervous system tumours exist
  • The disease and it’s treatment usually require rehabilitation
  • Primary vs. Secondary Brain Tumours:
    • Primary: start in the brain tissue (ex. Astrocytomas, GBM)
    • Secondary: metastatic from another primary in the body (ex. breast, lung, colon)wobble-board

Rehabilitation interventions for Brain

  • Walking/gait training (ex. prescription of adaptive equipment and mobility devices)
  • Balance & coordination re-training
  • Postural awareness and correction
  • Fall risk education and prevention techniques
  • Improvement in overall conditioning
  • Neurological conditioning
  • Compensatory techniques for basic self care
  • Visual motor training
  • Improving physical performance and impairment levels
  • Maintain autonomy and independence with activities of daily living