Returning to Work After Cancer Treatment

  • Returning to work & life after cancer takes time, rehabilitation & adjustment
  • The capacity to return to work has a great influence on the quality of life & financial well-being
  • Returning to work after treatment may help maintain a sense of normalcy, boost your self-esteem & self-worth

Rehab, Survivorship and Return to Work

  • Cancer survivors are 1.4 times more likely to be unemployed after a cancer diagnosis
  • About 50% of cancer survivors are ≤65 years of age & an active part of the workforce
  • Many cancer survivors report disability-related to cancer treatment & more than 50% of those who return to work quit within a year because of physical disabilities.
  • Physiotherapy and exercise have been shown to significantly manage the longer-term side effects, helping people return to work, reducing recurrence following remission and increasing survival and quality of life

Services Offered:

  • Assessing energy level, strength and physical stamina prior to work return
  • Review of cancer treatment and possible side effects contributing to physical symptoms
  • Work assessment with a targeted rehab program
  • Evaluation of work environment and ergonomics