Marize was excellent in treating me for a lumbar back injury I had a few years ago. She was incredibly patient and took the time to ask me about lifestyle and habits in order to create a plan that best worked for me. With anyone that undergoes physiotherapy, I can tell you that nobody does their exercises! But Marize gave me simple exercises and ways to incorporate them into my regular workouts or strategies to sneak in my exercises during downtime. Something that I also greatly appreciated from her was the fact that she gave me great recommendations for low impact exercises while I was strengthening my back, and as I got better we made sure I saw her a few more times to make sure I was recovering smoothly. Though I do not see Marize anymore, I know she is fantastic in her care and wish her all the best.

- A.J.

I first met Marize after a second ACL reconstruction and I left her care in the best shape of my life. She was instrumental in helping me go from being bedridden after a second knee surgery to running a half marathon less than a year later. My recovery went so well that I have no fear in returning to sport and overcoming that mental hurdle is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without her. Her professionalism and dedication are exceptional and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking rehabilitation for any injury.

- S.S.

I was treated by Marize Ibrahim for a rotator cuff injury and I benefited tremendously.

Her professionalism, knowledge, treatment and method were of great help to me, but of course I followed her advice religiously!! and sure enough I was cured 100%.

I would definitely recommend Marize to anyone who is in need for a professional, skilled, honest, sincere physiotherapist.

- H.A.

Marize est une professionnelle compétente et dévouée. Elle offre une approche attentive, douce et efficace. Elle peut traiter toutes sortes de problématiques physiologiques que ce soit un léger inconfort ou une blessure sévère. Elle nous fait rapidement sentir en confiance et prodigue de bons conseils pour un rétablissement optimal. Je la recommande sans hésitation.

- V.M.

Marize was a huge help to me during my rehabilitation process following a diagnosis of 2 herniated discs and ultimately also degenerative disc disease. She was very attentive, punctual, friendly and knowledgeable and the exercises she suggested were extremely useful in restoring my mobility. I saw her on several occasions during which time she slowly expanded the exercise program as my abilities improved. I now play sports as I have always done and I am hugely grateful to Marize in being a key piece along my rehab journey!

- A.H.