Lymphedema:  abnormal build-up of fluid causing swelling (edema) due to lymphatic system damage, or surgical removal

Lymphedema may be seen in lymphedema-2breast cancer, gynecological cancers, melanoma, and Hodgkin’s disease.

  • No cure exists- focus on prevention & management
  • Only certified Lymphedema specialists are able to treat this long term side effect

Risk reduction, treatment, maintenance and self-management:

  • Understanding lymphedema signs & symptoms
  • Screening, assessment & staging
  • Lymphedema prevention techniques (i.e., skin care, hygiene, clothing, weight management, air travel)
  • Decongestive Lymphatic therapy (DLT)
  • Compression garment prescription & usage
  • Teaching self bandaging, self manual lymph drainage (MLD), & self-measuring
  • Exercises specific for lymphedema management include aquatic lymphatic exercise