After having undergone a bilateral mastectomy with the removal of fifteen lymph nodes, I was followed by an athletic therapist on a weekly basis. I was told he was the only one in Montreal that had a hands on approach to helping women heal from a such a difficult breast surgery. After two months, I did not see an improvement.

It was thanks to a Support Group meeting from Hope and Cope, one evening, that I had the pleasure of meeting Marize Ibrahim, Physiotherapist. A reserved, professional and serious individual full of energy and encouragement!

Over the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of appreciating what Marize has to offer her patients.

Marize is not only passionate about Physiotherapy, but in helping women having undergone surgery after a cancer diagnosis, regain their strength, flexibility and confidence. Marize is not only knowledgeable about Physiotherapy, but about the overall cancer journey and what the patients must undergo. A well rounded specialist who has familiarized herself with all other areas of the medical field allowing her to reach out to her colleague doctors in her quest to help her patient. She is human, genuine and takes the time to familiarize herself with her patient. She adapts to each case.

I have seen an enormous improvement thanks to Marize’s techniques, efforts and exercise instructions. I remain focused and persevere thanks to Marize. I would not have been able to come this far without her help.

Many thanks!