I found Marize Ibrahim a very devoted and dedicated physiotherapist and a very understanding and pleasant and very good person.

I found there were no difficulties hard enough for her not to try to solve them. In fact I think she looks at challenges rather than at problems and this may be why she manages so positively well her professional accomplishments.

I found that from the moment I was with her I would feel relieve and confident that somehow things would get better for me because she would take over with suggestions and great solutions.

Her diagnostic of my problem was accurate, she referred me to the right professionals to confirm her Diagnostic, the treatment and Physiotherapy exercises were appropriate and she was right all the way. Marize also follow through my performance and improvement with scores and points of comparisons and she made sure I would get the support I needed, all this with a joyful approach.
Marize has been great comfort to me and I am glad I met a person such as Marize at this time in my life because it was crucial for me now.

I believe in the return of good deeds and in her case she would definitely deserve the best because she is kind and never said anything bad about anyone and always did her best to be the best.

I would recommend Marize to any good intended person and preferably to unusually gratifying people because she deserves the best and so very much.

Thank you for having given me a chance to express my feeling about such an excellent professional and a great person. I am just a very happy person for having met such a professional in a time where the best is so rare.